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About Nata Coaching Center

Why opt for a Nata Coaching Centre?

A genuine Coaching Centre with highly qualified and well experienced professionals will surely help you in the preparation for your NATA Exams. Self-learning requires self-discipline, regularity and dedication. How many can maintain this enthusiasm throughout the year? Coaching centres provide you with NATA study materials which makes easier to grasp rather than self-learning. In addition, Classroom study provides you a competitive environment. NATA coaching centres will keep you updated with latest NATA admission NEWS.

How one should choose a Nata Coaching Centre?

The biggest dilemma after opting for Architecture as your career is to find a better place to improvise your architectural passion and turn it into a profession. Before opting,

Never let any Marketing gimmick ruin your architectural career.

Try getting feedback from seniors about the institution and faculties etc.,

Make sure that the NATA Coaching centre you have chosen imparts intelligence, knowledge and confidence in you to tackle newly created questions during Exam.

The atmosphere of the institution must be study-friendly and well-equipped.


What is ACS? (Admission Counselling Service)


Finding it difficult to spend hours in researching about schools and applying to them? Let us do the work for you. Our Experts will help you in choosing the right schools the right way.

Aiming to create impact, drive growth and lead organizations that transform the world around you?

Securing admission needs focus on obtaining good scores and building an impressive application packet.

As soon as a student plans to pursue college, He/She must seek answers to certain questions:

Which course do I want to pursue? What are my career plans? What is my destination? What are the requirements for obtaining admission to my course of study? How will I finance my education to study abroad?

Our Experts from Admission Counselling Service will help you in finding answers for your questions.


Why choose TriArch [Review]?

Our reviews are never based on the internet advertisements. Our Admission Experts will help you in choosing the right school in the right way.

Our Approach


Our Admission Counselling Service (ACS), counsel students through their whole application process with utmost sincerity. We believe in our students’ dreams and guide them in their endeavour to apply to best schools/colleges to pursue their higher studies. TriArch Admission Counselling Services (ACS) makes sure that the candidate gets selected into the right school/college based on his/her profile and helps them till the finalization of their Admission process.


Our Processes

Our processes are simple and efficient. Maximum competence and smooth client servicing is ensured through clear definition of communication lines across the country and by establishing minimum points of contact for the students. Real-time collaboration between consultants and students makes the process more instinctive and speedier.

Our Technology


Our counsellors and students team up online with the help of MS Office tools. This ensures simple and clear communication and high quality output. Our students get access to our most updated databases through online platform. Students also get up-to-date information about study abroad events, education fairs and universities' information sessions.


Our Databases

Our dedicated researchers update our universities' and programs' databases in real time. We have more than 30, very extensive and most updated graduate schools' and programs' databases. Our databases are invariably more effective as compared to various commercially available databases. Our team leverages on our efficient processes, simple and effective technology and extensive databases to provide a wide range of admission counselling services to our students.